A Look Inside December’s Box

January 8, 2015

Every month we look for coffee blends that are rare, organic, single origin, and/or limited edition to help you discover premium coffees that you wouldn’t find on the shelf of your local market. Below are the coffees we have selected for December’s box and are just a sample of what you can expect from your experience with Coffee Cargo.

INK! Coffee’s 6610 Blend

INK! Coffee's 6610 Blend

A bold blend of full-bodied coffees roasted special dark to reveal a rich taste, slightly smoky undertones and bittersweet, dark chocolate. Roasted at 6610 ft., the high altitude, slow roasting process brings out the deepest, smoothest flavors of each and every bean.

Roast: Special Dark / Full Body, Low Acidity Coffee

Roaster Location: Denver, CO

Pannikin’s Blue Sky Blend

Pannikin's Blue Sky Blend

It has a spicy flavor that is enhanced by its gentle, dark roast. The combination of these specially selected coffees creates a fuller sweet and richly aromatic cup. Made from the finest Arabica coffee beans and carefully roasted to Pannikin’s exact specifications for your enjoyment.

Roast: Dark, Bold Roast

Roaster Location: San Diego, CA

Recyclable Single-Cups


Maud’s Righteous Blends Coffee “Sister Hazel(nut)”

Maud's Righteous Blends Coffee "Sister Hazel(nut)"

Light roast flavored coffee that has the rich, nutty flavor of fresh Hazelnut creating a smooth coffee experience with a hint of sweetness. Batch Roasted, 100% Arabica beans.

Roast: Light Roast, Flavored

Roaster Location: San Diego, CA

Recyclable Eco Kups!

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