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2015 Coffee Trends – The Year of the Single Cup and Gourmet Coffee

February 11, 2015
2015 Coffee Trends

A new year indicates inevitable change. Thankfully, there’s one constant we can count on to get us through the trenches of transition — coffee. There’s no doubt that the worshiped cup of joe is here to stay, but even in the world of caffeine, there are new-and-improved trends on the horizon that are sure to excite even the most traditional of coffee lovers.


American’s love their coffee. So much, that many are developing an acquired taste for the gourmet experience. According to the National Coffee Association, of the 61% of people who drink coffee daily, 34% prefer their coffee to be gourmet or in single k-cups. Why the hype over fancy java? The NCA largely credits espresso for inspiring the increased demand for artisan coffee in America.

The K-Cuppers

Another trend to watch is the growing number of K-cup coffee drinkers, comprising of almost 40% of the coffee community. Roughly 15% of American households own a single cup brewing system, and additionally 25% of other households plan to buy one in the next six months. Like we said, coffee is here to stay. The good news for the coffee subculture is that the coffee aficionados are keeping up with the times and putting forth an effort to get coffee drinkers and caffeine connoisseurs quality products.

The Butter Effect

Some people are going as far as putting butter — yes, butter — in their morning cup. Though it seems counter intuitive, drinking bulletproof coffee (coffee with butter) is believed to curb hunger cravings and increase metabolism. According to American technology entrepreneur Dave Asprey, this trend is designed to boost energy levels, brain power, and burn fat. Asprey claims to have lost over 100 pounds on a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. For best results, it is preferred the coffee be organic and the butter come from grass-fed cows. Some people additionally add a dash of organic coconut oil. Too extreme for extra taste? We’ll let you be the judge of the butter effect!

Bottom line, regular coffee drinkers and coffee enthusiasts alike are no longer satisfied with a simple cup of black coffee. Now that Americans have had a taste of the good stuff, artisan varieties, coffee bean farming, and quality roasts are of the utmost importance to consumers. To indulge in quality cup of coffee yourself, check out Coffee Cargo’s premium roasts and order a selection today to be delivered directly to your door.

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