Holiday Sweeps Winners Announced for Coffee Cargo

December 15, 2014


THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our first-ever Holiday Sweepstakes. We appreciate all of the efforts from those who tweeted, shared, emailed, shared, liked, pinned, etc. Expect this to be the first of many ongoing contests and sweepstakes from Coffee Cargo. Alright so let’s get right into it. If you won, you were notified by one of the team members from Coffee Cargo via email already. Just in case, below are the winners along with their designated prize levels. Again thank you and let’s keep on discovering a better cup into 2015!

  • Marilyn S. – 12-month subscription + k-cup brewer
  • Lucia C. – 12-month subscription + k-cup french press
  • Megan R. – 12-month subscription
  • Karen C. – 6-month subscription
  • Zella S. – 6-month subscription
  • Sharon L. – 3-month subscription
  • Lynda A. – 3-month subscription
  • Verna K. – 1-month subscription
  • Meghan F. – 1-month subscription

And the following people were in the top 10 of the Leaderboard. Each of them will receive a free 15-cup coffee box for their amazing sharing efforts:

  • Keith K.
  • Kim K.
  • Heaven R.
  • Dawn L.
  • Jean T.
  • Brian B.
  • Leeanne D.
  • Theresa F.
  • Steve R.
  • Katrina W.
  • Kirsten P.
  • Patricia S.

If you did not win, keep your eyes out for some amazing last-minute holiday deals we’ll be sending out this week via email or posting on the coffee subscription box plans page.

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Gift Guide for the Coffee Lovers

December 3, 2014

Gift Guide for the coffee lover

The holiday season is in full swing, but sometimes part of the stress is deciding what to get for your friends and family. You want it to be thoughtful, something that they’ll love. If you know someone who loves coffee, we’ve got some great gift ideas for you!

Coffee Cargo Subscription

To celebrate the launch of our site and Cyber Monday, we have a couple holiday promotions. You can use them for yourself too! Sign-up for a six-month subscription, receive $5. Sign-up for a year’s subscription of great coffee, you will receive your first month free. It’s time to discover a better cup.

Cafejo My French-Press $40

K-cup french press coffee

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Who says you can’t have both French-Press and K-Cup® coffee? Cafejo is a French-Press for all. It comes with adaptors for both single-serve and ground coffee and allows you more control over the brew for a better cup of coffee, regardless of what packaging it comes in.

Chefman My Barista Personal Single Serve Brewing Machine $150

K-cup coffee brewer

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Not sure which K-Cup® coffees your friends and family prefer? The Chefman Single-Serve Brewing Machine has two different sizes to support all K-Cup® brands. Not only that, but it heats your water in just 6-seconds! This small-but-mighty machine also won’t take up too much counter or desk space, making it a great gift for the home or office.

 Freedom Clip by Rogers Family Company- FREE

Want to try new K-Cup® coffee blends but worried you machine might not accept them? The Rogers Family Company has developed the Freedom Clip just for that. This small plastic ring allows for any K-Cup® to be used with any single-serve coffee machine. The best part? They’re free to anyone in the continental US!

The Birth of Coffee by Daniel Lorenzetti $13

Image via

Image via

If you ever wanted to know the full journey you coffee takes before it ends up in your cup, then take a look at The Birth of Coffee by Daniel Lorenzetti. Lorenzetti realized that coffee is more than just a drink; it’s steeped in history and tradition. As he set out to visit major coffee exporting countries, he discovered that harvesting coffee is not just a job but a way of life.

Hario Woodneck Drip Coffee Pot $51

Image via

Image via

For the patient, meticulous coffee lover in your life, the Hario Woodneck Drip Coffee Pot doesn’t just brew a great cup, it’s also nice to look at. The reusable flannel filter allows for the full extraction of your coffee’s flavor notes. This is the perfect gift for anyone who takes time to make their coffee and enjoys the ritual of it all.

Falcon Enamelware Mug $12.50

coffee gifts

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Every great coffee needs a great mug. The Falcon Enamelware Mug features a classic design and is made from porcelain fused onto heavy-gauge steel. It’s smooth, it’s durable and dishwasher safe.

Have a great coffee-related gift? Tell us! Let us know on our Facebook page or tweet it at us on Twitter!


An Introduction to Coffee Cargo

December 1, 2014

FB-1-Photo (1)

It’s an exciting time for coffee. We’re now in a time called Third Wave Coffee, a time where the industry as a whole is shifting to more premium, high-quality, and artisanal varieties. Third Wave Coffee doesn’t just focus on the final product but where it was grown, how it was roasted, and how it was packaged.

Within Third Wave Coffee, there was a need to apply these principles to the single-serve coffee format. K-cups now make up roughly 40% of the market and that number is expected to rise. However, the single-serve industry is being dominated by big brands at the retail level. Shelf space is tough to come by for smaller coffee companies. Sure, if you’re looking to explore the different coffee options out there, you can find them online, but many don’t offer sample sizes. There are websites that let you put together boxes of different K-Cup varieties, but who has time to search through all the different blends?

That’s where we come in.

Coffee Cargo was founded by coffee industry insiders. Coffee is not just our job, but our passion. We are committed to bringing you a better coffee experience through different brands, blends and flavors you might not have discovered otherwise. Whether it’s South American coffees with their mild acidity and citrus notes or a Hawaiian coffee company that specializes in natural flavors, we’re dedicated to quality, to fair trade practices, and to giving small to mid-sized roasters the attention they deserve.

Single-serve coffee is experiencing a transition. K-Cups are no longer filled with just mass market coffees, but premium blends from independent roasters. Coffee drinkers, regardless of their prefered brewing method, are looking for a better cup of coffee. That’s always in the forefront as we select each coffee for your subscription each month.

There’s been a lot of debate around the use of K-Cups and the impact they have on the environment. It’s true; extra packaging is never good for the planet. However, because of our close, personal connections in the coffee industry, we are working towards more sustainable practices when it comes to K-Cups. When we are putting together our boxes, we use recyclable cups wherever possible. We work closely with a company that packs our high-quality coffees in recyclable cups at zero extra cost to the roaster. It’s our belief that over the next couple years, the entire industry will make major strides toward sustainability.

If you have questions about us and why we do what we do, we’d love to hear from you. Leave your questions in the comments!