About Coffee Cargo

Our Story

We're here to help you discover &
enjoy new K-Cup® coffee blends.

Single-serve coffee has seen an incredible rise in popularity in recent years. Reports suggest that it now accounts for nearly 40% of ground coffee sales in the US, making single-serve the second most popular way to brew coffee. Roasters from all over the country and abroad are debuting new coffees in single-serve capsules every day, but don't have the distribution power of larger brand names. How can you discover new, delicious, premium coffees that aren't regularly available in stores? That's where we come in.

As industry insiders, we have a passion for discovering new coffee blends. We work hard to bring you unique coffees from the best small to mid-sized roasters as well as favorite well known brands. Our coffees are the best of the best; we look not just for overall taste profile and quality, but where the coffee comes from and when and how it was roasted. We’re dedicated to bringing you a better cup of coffee through the best tasting K-Cups® and we're striving to improve sustainability in single-serve industry as a whole through recyclable K-Cup® initiatives.

Selection Process

We don't take our coffee selection
process lightly.

When selecting coffees, we look for premium blends of Arabica coffee and batch-roasted coffees that aren't mass produced. Some coffees may even be limited edition. We look for coffees that are organic, single-origin, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified, naturally flavored and not traditionally seen in K-Cups®. We want coffees with rich flavor profiles and natural ingredients. We also work directly with roasters, so we can deliver coffee to you "hot off the press”, freshly packed into a K-Cup® capsule for your enjoyment.

Why K-Cups®?

We see the opportunity to experience something better every month.

K-Cups® are known for being produced in large quantities, commercially packed and sent out to all major retailers. Simply put, they haven’t been known for producing the best cup of coffee. But with new brewer technology and new, independent roasters packing their premium coffees into K-Cups®, we're working to change that.

K-Cups® allow us to help you discover new coffees without breaking your daily routine. Roasted ground coffee beans are packed and sealed into capsules, which repel air and moisture keeping coffee untouched and super fresh. We make sure your K-Cup® coffee experience is premium, curated and something that you'll love waking up to every morning.

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